Oddball Randall Teaches Branding in Web3

Oddball Randall Teaches Branding in Web3

Web3 is new to branding. Oddball Randall is not.

How Oddball is helping shape Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the next phase of our digital lives. This brand new territory comes with new benefits, such as commercially viable Intellectual Property Rights, Trademarks, Merchandising and Licensing. All brand-new concepts to most of Web3's 20-something, budding entrepreneurs. 

Ask anyone in web3 if it moves fast. I promise they'll chuckle and tell you, "It's like dog-years. That fast." With that in mind, Oddball Randall decided to take action to help progress Web3 and it's early entrepreneurs. Bring on the Saturday Twitter Spaces!

Every Saturday (6pm PST) on Oddball's Twitter , He holds an interactive chat called Odd Talks. A live Q&A about IP rights, usage, brand building, and fun. All Twitter users are welcome to join and ask questions or just sit back and listen. Averaging 50-150 listeners, Odd Talks is still new and growing it's audience fast. Guest speakers are also present and always willing to share their expertise, further diversifying the knowledge base.

Odd Talks with Oddball Randall has helped, and will continue to help, many new businessmen in a space that has yet to be charted. The questions that are answered form the future steps of the path makers. The ideas brainstormed, as if by accident on occasion, are somewhat miraculous in their concepts. Changing lives, economies, thought processes and so much more.

Where will it go? Who knows. Where is it, now? Here. 


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