About Carry The Key™

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🦉 CTK Brand Guide & Assets Here.

🦉 CTK NFT Holder IP Rights Here.

What is CTK?

Carry The Key is a brand powerhouse.
Our primary focus is Licensing Intellectual Properties &  Building Brands.



Wealth Yielding Zoned Ecosystem.
The information, licensing, and marketplace hub.
Everything CTK Holders need, in one place!
Consider it our Brand Galaxy, at your fingertips.


How it works:

CTK Holders are members of our DAO.
(Decentralized Autonomous Organization.)
The DAO is given voting rights on what we do with it's funds.
The DAO's funds come from the business model below.


Who licenses with CTK?

We license or otherwise associate with these brands & more!


Our Land Deed.

We own a Wonderland Bitcoin Ordinal by Overline.
Wonderland info can be found here.
Our deed has 10,000 shares.
6,000 shares will be allocated to CTK NFT holders.
4,000 shares will be reserved for the future.
Our Wonderland location details are below.





Our Ape, KEEZ™

KEEZ™ is Bit Apes™ #7579, a BTC Ordinal.
Bit Apes™ by BAYC members are Officially Licensed by Yuga Labs.
KEEZ™ is our mascot.



DAO Cards will be distributed to members.
These will provide special access & discounts worldwide.


Carry The Koin.

Members will be issued a CTK Challenge Coin.
If challenged (asked to verify if carrying) and the coin is produced,
The holder of the coin will receive a reward from the challenger or CTK.


Acrylic Trading Tokens.

A limited amount of scannable, acrylic tokens will be released.
These tokens will have a special purpose at IRL events.
This is a real-life token for collectors... Think: "John Wick".


There is more.
Updates soon.