The Oddballz™ Story

The Oddballz™ Artist Collective was created for artists to have fun and the freedom  to create.
Michael Randall (Artist & Founder of Oddball Mercantile, LLC) set out to create an Art-Based Trading Card Set like no other!
Learning from the mistakes of others,
it was decided that many artists should be involved to spread the workload and vary the art styles of the set.
The message was posted to Social Media and it was simple:
"The Oddballz™ is looking for Artists". 
In Michael's words,
"Immediately, the responses came pouring in and I knew we had something. Every time I explained the Series One concept to an artist, two more would come knocking. I honestly couldn't figure it out at first. Like, why would these amazingly talented artists, some of which are idols of mine , wanna do this (project)? It didn't make sense to me. It took a few days to sink in, really..."
He continues,
"It clicked when I was talking to Brent (Scotchmer, - Sketch Artist for Topps, Upper Deck, Fright Rags, Dynamite, RrParks, Cryptozoic and more.) on Instagram. He said something to me, and it made me realize, 'this guy gets it'. He understood that this had potential because it's honest, it's true, and it's real. Our only intent here is to get artists paid, which may be a first, let's be honest; And, to let them do what they want. That's it. 
What I didn't understand was: It works because it's based on happiness.
I believe that's the reason we add members, almost daily."
"The rest, as they say, is history..."