The Oddballz™ Series 1 - Artist Sign Up


The Oddballz™ Trading Card Series:

"A collection of oddballs, by a collective of Oddballs."

Each series is the product of a growing collective of Artists!


Series 1: 

Mission Statement:

Series 1’s purpose is to spread the word about The Oddballz™ Trading Card Set, while solidifying The Oddballz™ brand identity as a commercial project  based on artist cooperation. 


Additionally, and overall, the purpose is to develop cornerstone funds for The Oddballz™ continuing series, products, projects, NFT’s, and so on… 



Series 1 - set overview:




Base Set Cards: 


Characters in set: 

44 (2 names each)

Base Variants:

 Black Border (UC) & Pink Border (Rare)



  • Artist: Auto (#/5)
  • Artist: Sketch cards (1/1)
  • CharacterCracked Ice (#/4)
  • CharacterDiscoFractor (#/3)
  • Character: (Undetermined) Refractor (#/2)
  • CharacterSuperfractor (#1/1)
  • Character3D Explosion Cards (#1/1)
  • The Golden Ticket 1/1 (redemption card)¹


¹“The Oddballz™” Signed Sketch Panel, featuring all the artists from Series 1!


Artist info:


  •  UP TO (4) ORIGINAL Characters 
  • (5) Artist Sketch Cards  - OR Artist Auto Proof Cards (we will provide AP’s & Sketch Card Blanks to artists). 
  • Each artist may choose the number of characters produced. 
  • You may change your number at any time
  • Extra characters will be published in SERIES 2, and so on.
  • Sketches, Color Roughs, and Digital files are all acceptable mediums. Non-Digitized art will be digitized by Oddball Merc and colorized.



All artists for Series 1 will receive:

  • Special Foil Cards of their designs.
  • Promo cards for the set.
  • A gift box of The Oddballz™ merchandise.
  • The Oddballz™ sealed card products.
  • Additional compensation can be discussed if necessary, or if these parameters do not fit your art style. I.e., 1/1 cards (3D Explosion cards) are not reproducible.
  • SERIES 2 will see FINANCIAL COMPENSATION for all Series 2 artists. Please await SERIES 2 details for more information.


Intellectual Property Ownership Agreement:

  • Artists (the creators of the original works) shall maintain 100% ownership of their art.
  • The Oddballz™ has permission to use the art submitted by artists for the purposes of furthering The Oddballz™ brand, until and unless the artist formally requests art usage be discontinued. At which point, previously printed art shall be acceptable for The Oddballz™ brand use, but shall not be reprinted or commercially used passed the official date of request to stop use.
  • The IP Ownership Agreement is automatically accepted upon submission of art for the project.


In summary,


  • 88 base cards w/ 2 variants - PRINT RUNS, SP, SSP.
  • 45 artist auto base prints 
  • 45 Artist Sketch Cards
  • 10 Artist Proof Auto’s
  • 352 Cracked Ice BASE
  • 264 Discofractors
  • 176 (?) Refractors
  • 88 Superfractors
  • 5 (3D) Explosion Cards 
  • 1 Golden Ticket Redemption


Artist are only responsible for:

  • Up to 4 characters
  • 5 Sketch Cards - or - Auto'd AP Cards (we will provide cards)


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